Thursday, June 30, 2005


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Cairns at first seems to be the number one Oz party town. For such a small place its got so many bars and nightclubs that stay open till all hours.The hostel is also very busy so I'm glad I'm in a 6 bed dorm, not the 18 or 24 bed! As luck has it my dorm has both aircon and ensuite toilet and shower..

Weather is really warm although it's generally overcast. UV index is high so I'm on factor 30 to prevent burning - unfortunately it seems to prevent tanning too tho :-S

Spent a day white water rafting down the Tully River (rapids to grade 4 if you're interested) and had a great time. I was initially a bit nervous due to my crap swimming abilities but after the raft capsized at the first rapids our crew climbed back aboard and resolved to remain in the boat, which we did (apart from willingly swimming down a few rapids for the experience!)

Still to try some snorkelling at the Reef so that will be next..

Sunday, June 26, 2005


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Sydney is a really beautiful city and there is no denying it. The harbour area around Circular Quay, with stunning views of both the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, is truly a sight that has to be seen as words cannot do it justice. In addition to the sights the people in Sydney are genuinely warm and welcoming and friendly, which I've found to be a rare thing in large cities these days (and Sydney *is* an amazing sprawl, best appreciated at night when the lights go on forever!). Different parts of Sydney will mean more to different people I guess but The Rocks I found to be most charming as it displayed most of Sydney's history. In addition, having Bondi & Manly beaches so close to the sprawling metropolitan mass makes for a highly unique experience.

I couldn't blog Sydney without mentioning the Blue Mountains - stunning scenic views about 1.5 hours drive from the city. Unfortunately I've no phone camera pictures to show but if I can I'll upload some digicam shots of the magnificent tableland views around the 3 sisters and Wentworth Falls.

Next stop is Cairns....seems like its full of backpackers so far....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Oz Beaches

Oz beaches really can't be beaten....went to Palm Beach, where Home &
Away is filmed in the hope of getting a walk-on part on a beach scene
but unfortunately they weren't filming at the time :-(

Across from Summer Bay - er, sorry, Palm Beach, is a lovely sea lake
and the photo (if displayed) is of sunset over Pittwater.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Arrival in Oz

The world *is* a big place, there's no denying it when you have to fly 24hrs just to get halfway round it. It's kinda weird when I think back to how I used to think it was a small world when you would meet someone from Glasgow when you were in Edinburgh. That's not small really, it's microcosmic!

It also irks me to think I have so much of Europe on my own doorstep and yet I've never bothered to visit. A 3hr flight would get you to most places in Europe whereas it still took 8.5hrs to get to Sydney from Hong Kong. I've got no excuse now for not going I guess, after the flight I've just had...

Now to decide if it was worth it I guess! It's 7:40am here and it looks like it's going to be a glorious day. There's a bit of cloud in the sky but it's still nice and bright (Sydney really needs rain apparently, it's in the middle of a drought - as long as it holds off 'till I fly up to Cairns tho!). Considering it's winter here I think mebbe I've not packed enough warm clothes but if it gets too cold I'll just buy something.

Well so much for the first post! I'll decide soon if it's worth the travel......though I'm quite glad just now it'll be 5 weeks before I have to do it again!

Photo (if it shows!) is of Hong Kong airport.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ready for the off!

No idea why the picture didn't show in the previous post, was really just checking it was all working and apparently it isn't - oh well! No time to fix it now - it's the night before the trips begins...getting up around 5:30am tomorrow for a last minute check of things before heading to the airport at 7am to catch the 9:05 flight from Edinburgh to Heathrow. Got the backpack stuffed, was only 15K's and there was still room for more so I put a bit extra in - I know what Rick's said but "just in case" - and anyway some of the stuff I will be losing as I go on so it'll work out alright in the end i'm sure ;-)