Thursday, June 30, 2005


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Cairns at first seems to be the number one Oz party town. For such a small place its got so many bars and nightclubs that stay open till all hours.The hostel is also very busy so I'm glad I'm in a 6 bed dorm, not the 18 or 24 bed! As luck has it my dorm has both aircon and ensuite toilet and shower..

Weather is really warm although it's generally overcast. UV index is high so I'm on factor 30 to prevent burning - unfortunately it seems to prevent tanning too tho :-S

Spent a day white water rafting down the Tully River (rapids to grade 4 if you're interested) and had a great time. I was initially a bit nervous due to my crap swimming abilities but after the raft capsized at the first rapids our crew climbed back aboard and resolved to remain in the boat, which we did (apart from willingly swimming down a few rapids for the experience!)

Still to try some snorkelling at the Reef so that will be next..


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