Tuesday, August 02, 2005

On the return...

Well I know I've not updated the blog for a while - that's cos the blues have kicked in after arriving back home again :(

Travelled from Airlie back down to Sydney and met up with an old friend and a few new friends I'd made while in Oz. Didn't actually do anymore sightseeing as such but got to know Sydney a bit more - and I still think it's a wonderful city, the kind of place that would be nice to live in for a while. Revisited Cessnock in the Hunter Valley which is another great place - nice to retire to I guess though not as happening as Sydney!. Went shopping to a few of the malls around Sydney as I'd managed to accumulate enough extra "stuff" to warrant purchasing more luggage :-)

I guess it really was time to chill out and reflect on what had happened for the previous few weeks and prepare myself for the 21 hour return journey to the UK - always the best part of any trip. Needless to say I flew into some nice sunny weather back home - which lasted a few days before the rain started.... All i need to do now is sort out all the photos, print out the best ones and get a couple blown up to A1 size. Oh yeah - and work out how much this whole trip has cost me to! I guess it doesn't matter how much it cost really - it was definately worth it for the experiences and I can't wait to set off again!