Friday, October 28, 2005


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Not updated the blog for ages - been too busy :-( Started back at Uni at the end of October so don't have much time to go anywhere - but I did manage to find time for an overnight stay in London before I started!

Flew in via Stanstead then took the Express to Liverpool St. Bought a day pass for the underground and managed to navigate my way around using just the Tube map. Saw the main attractions - Buck House, Hyde Park, London Tower, Tower Bridge, Law Courts, V&A Museum, British Museum etc etc. Weather was very pleasant and bright and I was amazed at how easy it was to get around.

Most remarkable thing from the trip was seeing a couple of live bands at The Social on Little Portland St. The second band constantly swapped instruments between themselves (talented bunch eh?) but the first guy managed to come up with a great sound akin to Squarepusher using...wait for it....a pair of Nintendo Gameboys! I'm glad I saw it for myself else I'd never have believed it!